Frequently Asked Questions

The C-Tribe MusicVerses Competition is a unique global event designed for solo artists, bands, and singers, signed or unsigned, looking for an opportunity to feature their talent on a global stage. The goal of C-Tribe MusicVerses Competition is to find an outstanding, talented performer: a band, singer, or solo artist…a newcomer or veteran…raw or polished – the “gem” that needs to be discovered. C-Tribe Music Competition is looking for the total package. Due to the nature of the Competition receiving the grand prize to perform at the C-Tribe Music Festival on November 13th, we are looking for high-energy and music moving artists who can also rock a show. 

C-Tribe MusicVerses Competition is a fresh and novel approach to other music competitions. It offers great prizes, recognition, exposure, and the chance to be heard by an eclectic group of music lovers and industry industry professionals. C-Tribe MusicVerses Competition also takes it a step further and puts the Grand Prize winner in direct, personal contact with the influential music mentors and makes available a custom, limited edition NFT that will be available for sale globally. For the first time ever, a music competition offers the Grand Prize winner the unprecedented opportunity to be rewarded in perpetuity every time that NFT is bought, sold, and traded.


C-Tribe Music Competition 2021 Deadline(s):

September 1st, 2021.

Note: All deadlines are subject to change. Additionally, C-Tribe MusicVerses Competition 2021 will run a series of special promotions throughout the competition offering unique opportunities to entrants.


The C-TribeVerses Competition cumulates with winners performing at the C-Tribe Main Stage on November 12th, 2021. We encourages artists and performances to be high energy and crowd rocking so we will encourage music genre that focus on this. The genres we will select, but are not limited to, include:  

  • AAA (Adult Album Alternative)
  • AC (Adult Contemporary)
  • Americana
  • Blues 
  • Christian
  • Country
  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
  • Folk/Singer-Songwriter
  • Jazz 
  • Latin Music 
  • Pop/Top 40
  • R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Rock
  • Vocal Performance 
  • World Music

In the preliminary elimination-style rounds, judging will take place on the sanction social media platform. Each artist will be assigned a number and any unique social media account will be able to vote up to 3 times per day. Social media accounts must have at least 200 real followers, an active social media timeline (at least six months of activity, and the accounts not engaging in bot activity). C-Tribe reserves the right to disqualify or not allow accounts/votes at their discretion.

Judging criteria during the Main Stage Music Performances will include originality, songwriting/arrangement, vocals, performance, and overall likeability. The Vocal Performance category will be judged solely on the vocals.


C-Tribe accepts only original and cover music.


Yes, WE accept and welcomes entries from all over the world.  Songs should be in English. Entrants are responsible for their own travel, hotel, per diem and accommodation fees to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 13th if they are selected as finalists and to perform.

There are no age requirements. All ages can enter. However, if the entrant is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or guardian is required on the entry form.   


You can enter one verse per elimination round. 


Yes, verses must be no longer than one minute. If verses go over the time limit the C-Tribe team reserves the right to disqualify the Entrant or use their discretion to select the recommended verse segment.


Entry cost is FREE. C-Tribe reserves the right to change this at any period before or during the Competition.


All entrants will be notified by email that their entry has been received. If you have not received an email confirmation, please check your junk mailbox. If you do not receive any notification from C-Tribe within a few weeks of sending out your entry, feel free to contact us to confirm receipt at


All entrants will receive notification of top 8 finalists via email and on Discord. Winners will be emailed and/or phoned. Winners will be selected and announced at the C-Tribe Music Festival on November 13th, 2021.


No, C-Tribe does not give feedback to all Entrants.

Every new elimination round, C-Tribe will publish a link where entrants can share their mp4/MOV Submission File. Submissions should be made before the stated deadline date no later than 11:59 PM.

Entrant may submit one verse no longer than one (1) minute in duration for every Competition round they are eligible to participate in. Entrant may also enter the same verse in more than one round. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the submitted verse is complete and playable. All entry fees are non-refundable. The Company does not give feedback or a critique to Entrants.


If the duration of the Submission File is longer than one minute, the Company’s listening committee reserves the right to disqualify the Entrant or use their discretion to modify the submission without providing any notice. 


Entry materials submitted will not be returned to the Entrant. The Company is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, incomplete, or misappropriated entries.


Yes, that is fine. It is the Entrants responsibility to ensure that they have the rights to share their Submission Files for the use of this Competition.


Yes. C-Tribe encourages any original music created by the Entrant


There is a screening committee that listens to all entries and selects the group of Entrants which are then sent to be voted on social media. The judges then select the winners from the performing finalist  during the C-Tribe Music Festival on November 13th, 2021. The screening process is carefully and respectfully implemented with the goal of selecting the best songs to send on to the Competition.


C-Tribe is putting together a group of music industry professionals and music executives in different genres who have all agreed to “mentor” the finalists. From this group, 1-3 mentors will be selected and put in direct contact with the finalists via email, video conference, or telephone. The method of contact may vary from mentor to mentor, depending on scheduling. C-Tribe cannot guarantee a particular mentor’s availability, so the group of mentors includes more than three individuals in order to accommodate any unforeseen changes in labels, personnel, or other circumstances preventing a mentor from participation. Mentoring must be completed by the end of the calendar year of the competition unless a mentor’s schedule does not permit. Therefore, if the Grand Prize winner and mentor opt to meet in person, it must be done by the end of the calendar year; otherwise, the mentoring will be done by telephone or video conference.

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